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Why You Should Avoid Sharing Your Dubai Vape Device Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak?

We are well aware of the coronavirus outbreak across the globe with a risk of infection spreading in every corner. In such circumstances, it is essential that sharing of Vape devices must be avoided as it increases the risk of exposure to coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus is a family of viruses, some more severe than others. They include the viruses that cause common cold as well as the ones that cause life-threatening diseases like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Since COVID has major transmissions through the water droplets, it is highly dangerous to indulge in Vape sharing.

Exacerbation of spread can occur by vaping together and can immensely increase by sharing the devices and can heavily affect the measures taken by the government consistently to reduce the virus pandemic.

If anyone in the city is suffering from the virus, they can risk getting quarantined for up to fourteen days as per international standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). A clear recommendation of safety precautions emphasizes on avoiding shared belongings and maintaining social distances.

Many people engage in sharing new e-juice flavours while enjoying their vapes in Dubai instead of committing to buy their own individually which is very dangerous. This is like tasting ice creams before you actually spend money on one flavour. No doubts that Dubai vape community also believes that vaping together and sharing a vape enhances the bonding between people and it is an act of depicting generosity. However, what people often lack is the information and precautions on the hygienic aspect of sharing vapes. It has been brought up that there are hygienic discrepancies even if you ensure cleaning your vape devices before lending it to anyone. This is risky and you should avoid it in any circumstance.

Major reasons to avoid sharing vape devices in Dubai:

Sharing a vape device means sharing a device between many mouths and the inclusivity of water droplets being transferred from one user to another. The coronavirus can instantly spread with such a practice. On one hand where wearing a mask is recommended to protect yourself, you are risking it by using a vape device that somebody else used. Even if the person id disinfected, there can be a chance of asymptotic transfer of the virus. You must keep an eye on the symptoms. Ensure that you do not have high fever, breathing issues, cold and cough, and in case if you come across any of these visit a doctor immediately.

The virus spreads very fast from an infected person by a sneeze or a close contact which can allow his/her salivary droplets to enter your respiratory tract. This saliva contact is sure to happen in case of the shared vapes which increases the chances of transfer heavily. The best way to avoid this spread and keeping yourself safe is by refusing the Vape sharing and cleaning your vape devices before every use.

Even in cases when you did not share your vape devices or puff from a shared vaping device, you must ensure rubbing alcohol to clean your devices. This is an important part because even if yourvape devices or e-cigarettes are held by anyone else who might be infected, there is a chance that you may catch an infection too. 

Be careful! Avoid Vape sharing!



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Suzanne Shaikh 1 month ago

Yes, everyone needs to be aware and careful.

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