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Voom Pods v/s Vape Mods - Which One Is A Better Choice?

While the world of vaping has evolved, you might want to familiarize yourself with some important terms and vaping accessories. Whether you are new to vaping or giving a thought to switch from smoking, it’s important to know everything involved. It’s often overwhelming to have so many vaping products and accessories. Moreover, only getting to know them would let you enjoy vaping better than ever. We mostly find people confused between Voom pods and mods. This guide will help you understand their difference and uses.


What Are Voom Pods?


As far as electronic cigarettes are concerned, pods have been the major players over the past few years. Pods are mostly compact, with stylish, sleek designs. They offer easy, convenient, and high-quality vaping anywhere, anytime. Contrary to vape pens or traditional e-cigarettes, they possess more powerful functions. Although it uses the same concept as mods to generate vapor, it requires lower temperature and power, making it less troublesome.


Pods are ideal evaporators to be used with smoke salt. They use natural nicotine salts extracted from tobacco and tobacco leaves as an alternative to e-juices. This makes it different from the free-base nicotine used in e-liquids, cigarettes, and other nicotine replacement therapy products.


Nicotine salt certainly has higher nicotine content, unlike conventional e-cigarette liquids. Using it leads to fumigant throat and nicotine hits, making it similar to smoking. It is believed that Nicotine salts may easily offer the required nicotine dose to smokers than the standard e-liquids. It helps to keep a check on smoking frequency and eventually reduces it. Pods are generally priced similarly to e-cigarettes.


What Are Vape Mods?


Mods have evolved as a complete vaping setup. Experienced vapers mean a vaping kit when they use the term ‘vape mod.’ Vape mods work differently than Voom pods. The major difference between both of them is the use of electrical power. Unlike vape pods, vape mods use the battery to fire the coil at a suitable temperature. This allows using lots of flavors and huge plumes. A mod box consists of a vape battery, vape tank, and coil.


Major Differences Between Voom Pods And Mods


Not only based on physical appearance but vape pods and vape mods Dubai can be differentiated according to their applications and how they operate. While these aspects matter, understanding the difference between them will help you make an informed choice and purchase before you switch to vaping. Here are some important differences that you need to understand.


Use Of E-Liquids


Vape mods are used for sub-ohm vaping with a higher content of vegetable glycerin and e-liquid. The higher content of vegetable glycerin produces thicker and fuller vape clouds as compared to vape pods. Fuller clouds often create an enjoyable visual experience. Vapers can choose liquids with varying amounts of nicotine or no nicotine at all.


On the contrary, pods are gaining popularity because of nicotine salt e-liquids which generally have higher nicotine concentration. However, vapers can go for suitable nicotine strength. Filled with nicotine salt e-liquids, these pods are small and can be carried easily in pockets and purses.




Since nicotine salts have higher nicotine content, Voom pods could be a perfect option for vapers who are willing to quit smoking. Mostly, vape pods are lighter than vape mods and offer an experience similar to smoking. The ones who switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes are likely to use pods well as they can choose nicotine content as they want.


On the other hand, vape mods in Dubai are slightly large and offer the ability to use in several different settings and customizable vaping. Vapers can create an ideal density of the cloud which means the ones who are not bound to specific nicotine content would enjoy using it. While mods can also be used to quit smoking, the lack of user-friendly applications due to their size and weight may make it difficult.




Refillable pods tend to be considerably cheap. However, some pods cannot be refilled but still be cheap according to your regular use. Refillable pods would be the best choice anyway since they let you choose your favorite nicotine salts with a flavor as strong as you want. Buying refills every month will cost you less than new pods or vape mods in Dubai.


Vape mods are likely to require more maintenance like refilling the water tank, replacing the coil several times during a month, etc., which could be expensive.


Summing Up

While you may be planning to choose to vape over smoking, understanding the vaping accessories is important. The differences mentioned above between Voom pods and vape mods will let you know them better and make informed decisions.



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