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Vaping Statistics 2021 - Understanding The Demand Of E-Cigarettes In Dubai and The World

Traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products have come a long way since we saw some of the richest people puffing cigarettes. However, over the past few decades, traditional smoking seems to take an exit as its preference is reduced drastically among more than half of the adult population. But this opened doors for e-cigarettes as the new addictive part of the lifestyle. E-Cigarettes/vaping in Dubai and other places around the world continues to get more and more popular. Understanding the stats in depth will offer you a clear view of the situation.


The Increasing Preference Of Vaping And E-Cigarettes


Vapes/E Cigarettes that let the users inhale nicotine through an electronic medium are considered less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The major difference is where battery power replaces combustion. Vapes are available in different forms, including pens, pods and cigarette look-alikes. Instead of tobacco, e-cigarettes use e-liquids consisting of glycerin, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavouring.


E-cigarettes generally have a rechargeable base and disposable cartridges that contain e-liquids. Despite the heating element to generate vapours, there's no combustion involved. According to methods and brands, the amount of nicotine in vapes/e-cigarettes is known to vary. Thus users can pick a suitable vaping device based on their nicotine intake. Because of different chemical aggregations, the damaging effects of e-cigarettes are lowered.


The fact that e-cigarettes cause less harm than traditional smoking and that they could help people quit smoking made it popular. It was observed that young adults across the world were especially fans of this trend. As per various estimates, the market for e-cigarettes in the Middle East would reach USD 485 million by 2025.


E-cigarettes' Popularity Expressed In Numbers


If you try to understand the latest stats regarding the use of e-cigarettes, you will find that they are probably here to stay. Here are some highlights from the current use of vapes in Dubai and other parts of the world.

  • According to reports from 2018, around 9% of adults in the U.S. said they vape "regularly or occasionally". In 2019, it was found that 27.5% of high school students in the U.S. used vape products. 
  • In 2019, a survey indicated that more than 5 million middle and high school students in the U.S. used e-cigarettes.  
  • Reports from several surveys implied that around 1 million youngsters used vape products daily, and around 1.6 million used them at least 20 times a month.  


Global Vaping Statistics

  •  As per the records of 2011, there were 7 million e-cigarette users around the world. In 2018, this number raised to 41 million. As expected now, in 2021, it's close to complete 55 million. 
  • In 2018, global vaping sales were recorded to be $15.7 billion; this is expected to increase up to $40 billion by 2023.  
  • Until 2018, the U.K., the USA, and Japan hosted the largest markets for vaping products. However, it was only in April 2019 that vaping in Dubai was legalized.  


Why Do People Use E-Cigarettes?


Earlier, when vapes were first introduced among people, they were pursued as lite cigarettes. Mostly, people who were willing to switch from traditional smoking started using e-cigarettes. Its flavorful odour, variety, and better taste attracted them a lot. Above all, the fact that vaping products were less harmful acted as support.


However, over the past few years, the vaping population turned out to be more and more of the young population. This habit moved from the 25-45-year-olds to 15-19 years old high schoolers. With this, it was clear that the reasons for vaping had changed. As per recent surveys, people chose e-cigarettes in Dubai for the following reasons:

  • 60.9% wanted to see what it's like. 
  • 41.7% liked its taste 
  • For 37.9% of vapers, it was a social activity. 
  • Vaping was a way to relax for 37.4% 
  • 29% used e-cigarettes because they made them feel good, or so to get high 
  • 28.7% tried it because they were bored 
  • 15.2% of the vapers think that it's cool. 
  • 8.1% are addicted to it 
  • 6.1% were seeking a way to quit regular cigarettes.  


While there are still people who prefer vaping as an alternative to smoking, that population seems to be shrinking.


Summing Up


Undeniably, the use of e-cigarettes is a better alternative to traditional smoking. While this was one of the major reasons for a massive shift to e-cigarettes in Dubai, things seem to have changed over the years. Since everything has consequences, it would be suggestible to consider a few before you start vaping.



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FAROUK SUSULAN 1 month ago

Nowadays, vapes are one of the most trending products and especially used by youngsters.

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