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Things You Need To Know About Vape Pods

Vaping is trending amongst youth and heavy smokers. There is a high switch in Dubai from traditional cigarettes to vaping devices given the studies supporting that there is less health damage in the latter case. However, the availability of numerous vape devices along with e-cigarettes and vape mods in Dubai often creates a challenge for vapers to decide which ones to go for. Here is a quick detail about Vape Pods.

What are Vape Pods & their working process?

Vape PODs are typically devised like cartomizers, fitted with ready-to-use "pods" or cartridges that contain the wick, juice, and coil. Besides being remarkably easy-to-use for even beginners, pod mods create a solid intermediate ground amid disposable vape pens and the luxurious high-edge box mods. 


So, how are these pod mods different from E-Cigarettes?


While e-cigarettes come with set voltage and power(watt) output contexts with cartridges having fixed juice quantity, vape pods are extremely different. Most of the vape PODs come with varied output presets, and the higher-end devices allow adjustment within their permissible output limits. While popularity is high of vape cigarettes in Dubai, Vape Pods have taken over a substantial amount of sales due to high advantages offered by them.


There's also a striking variation in power between vape pods and e-cigarettes. While e-cigarettes typically provide an output at 180mAh, vape pods immediately cross the 300mAh limit. Some pod mods arrive with refillable pods rather than traditional disposable units, providing more value per pod and proven to be highly cost-effective.


What are Voom Pods?


Voom Pods are a part of Voom Kit and are also known as cartridges for them. They have been designed to deliver regular nicotine hits stuffed full of flavor; Voom pods are perfect for newcomers due to their easy plug & use approach.  

The Advantage Vape Pods

A vape pod serves the best for those habitual of using traditional e-cigarettes who demand something with a more significant throat blow. Plus, for those who are exhausted from gathering your box mod and cleansing coils, vape pods provide a hassle-free alternative.


Here are some of the best advantages of grabbing a Vape POD:-

(1) Convenient: No cords to replace, no e-liquid container to wash, and additionally super straightforward to handle - vape pods present vapers with an overall more practical way to vape.


(2) Affordable: Vape PODs are highly affordable, owing to their reusability and convenience. You may feel like you are paying a little more than a standard e-cigarette, but the margins are highly competent. You would have to pay a lot less than a box mod. 


(3) Portable: Vape PODs offer you easy carrying options and travel in style and saves you from the hassles of carrying e-cigarettes and regretting that they ended. Being free from the constraints of carrying and attaching multiple mobile parts before you vape, vape pods offer you the highest portability among all vape devices. Sleek and slender designs make them highly similar to vape pens and e-cigarettes in design than box mods. 


(4) Simple to use: Vape pods typically contain a battery and a pod. Like the atomizer located in e-liquid tanks, the POD's pod stocks everything you require to vape, even the nicotine salts. Set the pod, and depending on if your machine has hand-operated or automated battery settings, you'll either have to tap the button to begin vaping or else just inhale directly.


(5) Powerful throat hit: Vape pods are specially designed to operate with nicotine salts. Inappropriate for the high heats delivered by box mods, nicotine salts offer a natural option to the pharmaceutical category nicotine. The eminent nicotine content attained in nicotine salts grants vapers a solid throat hit, which is very similar to that of a cigarette.


It's not that vape PODs only come with benefits; they also have some disadvantages that may disappoint you a little during frequent usage.


(a) Shorter battery life: While vape pods offer more powerful operability than e-cigarettes and vape pens, smaller size and slim design eventually lead to limited battery capacity, hence, less vaping at a given charge. You might as well have to charge in case you are a chain smoker frequently.


(b) Fewer flavours: E-liquid and e-juices have been twinned with e-cigarettes and box mods following vaping origin. Vape PODs do not offer as many flavors as offered by several e-cigarettes. However, in advanced vape PODs, you have the option of going for refills with different flavors.

Concluding Thoughts

In all, Vape pods are considerably versatile, whether it is output or power ranges, over alternative JUUL and e-cigarettes. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive in contrast to other devices as well. It is highly suggested that you go for Voom Pods if you are a novice; else, for any vaping level, vapers are recommended to use Vape Pods as they are user-friendly!



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