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Everything You Should Know About Vaping In Dubai, UAE

While you seek better alternatives for tobacco and a cleaner fix to meet the urge of nicotine intake, vaping remains one of the best solutions. Vaping does not involve combusted dangerous chemicals like traditional smoking, which makes it safer. According to various reports, vaping is much better than tobacco or traditional cigarettes when it comes to pulmonary health. Although vaping in Dubai is getting more and more popular, there are many important things to know about it.


Vaping or using e-cigarettes and other vaporizers is considered a better alternative to traditional forms of nicotine intake through tobacco cigarettes. Along with lowering the risk of inhaling toxic substances, vaping also helps to quit smoking. Throughout the various studies and research, surprising benefits of switching from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes were seen. The benefits of choosing vapes over traditional smoking are notable.


How Are Vapes Different From Traditional Cigarettes?


Vapes are available in different countries in different forms. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vapes/e-cigarettes are battery-operated; they use flavored liquids (containing nicotine) to release heat vapors that the user can inhale. It offers the same experience as tobacco cigarettes. The best part is that most of the e-cigarettes or vapes are reusable, refillable, and replaceable.


Understanding The Working Of Vapes


While using vapes, the user has to turn the switch on and inhale through the mouthpiece of the device. When the battery activates, it powers an atomizer which results in heating the liquid and releases vapors or aerosols. These vapors are a mix of particulate matter and propellant gas, including nicotine and other flavors. Aerosols are generally produced under low air pressure and released through the propellant gas as a fine spray.


Types Of Vapes In Dubai


Vaping devices are available in many different forms, including cigarette look-alikes, pens, e-hookahs, and many other stylish tech gadgets. Although these devices are available in different forms, they follow the same concept for operation. Based on your preferences, you can easily buy vapes in Dubai.


Vapes v/s Traditional Cigarettes


Traditional cigarettes are known to contain around 7,000 harmful chemical constituents, which is not the case with vapes/e-cigarettes. As compared to conventional cigarette smoke, the content of toxic chemical compounds is lower in aerosol/vapors. Thus, the tars and toxic impurities that are released by the burning of a traditional cigarette can be escaped by someone using vapes. While the body is tricked into following habitual actions, the negative impacts reduce during vaping. Since there’s less impact of harmful chemicals, it could be a great way to help yourself quit smoking.


Laws And Regulations For Vaping In Dubai/UAE


The sale and use of e-cigarettes or vapes have been legalized across the UAE since April 2019, when it was realized that the nicotine components in vaping are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Therefore, if you were planning to buy vapes in Dubai, you don’t have to worry since it’s officially regulated and supervised.


As per stats and estimates, the number of vapers and e-cigarette smokers is likely to increase over the coming years. Considering numbers, more than 64 million people would switch to vaping, and Dubai would provide a global platform for the industry worth $53.4 billion by 2024. Within Dubai, there were various programs scheduled to meet the growing demand for vaping, which is a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.


Restrictions On Vaping In Dubai


Although the sales and use of vapes/e-cigarettes are legalized in the UAE, there are several rules that should be kept in mind. Anyone who is found using vapes or e-cigarettes in unauthorized areas or non-smoking zones can be fined up to 2,000 AED. As per the National Department, the Health Department, the Safety Department at the Dubai Municipality, necessary actions will be taken to track violators and smokers in public places. You must prevent smoking in the following areas:


  • Schools
  • Universities & offices
  • Places of worship
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals, health, and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Onboard airplanes and other vehicles that may be transporting medicine, medicines, food, chemicals, or fuel.


Are There Any Taxes On E-Cigarettes?


According to the Federal Tax Authority, 100% tax would be applicable to e-cigarettes/vapes and other electronic smoking devices across the UAE. Some amount of VAT would also be applied to vapes.


Summing Up

If you are switching to vaping in Dubai, make sure you consider its effects and various rules and regulations that may be applicable. This information would surely help you get better experiences.



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