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E-cigarettes v/s Conventional Cigarettes: Safer and Better!

E-cigarettes have an appeal, and the trends they are striking are challenging to beat. This makes it challenging to understand why one should not switch to modern smoking alternatives, which are also comparatively healthier. Not that they are the best to use, NO, FDA (Food and Drug Association) clearly states that switching is definitely a good idea but starting on these e-cigarettes is not what one must indulge in! However, youth cannot be stopped, and we can only opt for lesser harmful products. That's also one of the primary reasons to switch to vaping or e-cigarettes rather than sticking to the conventional alternatives.


Let's talk some numbers before we initiate the benefits offered by the switch:-


A comprehensive investigation of one month was conducted on diverse individuals, including smokers, and smokers who switched to e-cigarettes and non-smokers. Interestingly, the research of blood vessels produced surprising results that supported the switch to the usage of e-cigarettes. The results inferred data on Flow-mediated dilation numbers (these scores link to the risk of heart attacks and stroke):-


  • Healthy non-smokers yielded a score of 7.7%
  • Smokers maintained a score of 5.5%
  • Those who turned to e-cigarettes for just a month acquired an average of 6.7%


As the results indicate that being a non-smoker is the best, those who switch to e-cigarettes made good progress within just one month with their lungs and heart. Hence, switching to e-cigarettes is a suggested option.


Now, here is why making this switch should entice you!


What do e-cigarettes offer that conventional ones do not?


Once we are sure that switch to vaping is a safe thing, here are the other perks it has in store for you:-


(1) Regulated cancer risks compared to those caused by conventional cigarettes:-


Carcinogenic ingredients provoke cancer originating from the burning of leafy bits at a very high heat of around 700-750 Celsius in conventional cigarettes. In e-cigarettes, a massive decline is observed in such components' content by a fraction of 90-92 percent. Fitness should push the switch, and vaping appears to be a more salubrious choice advised over the conventional cigarettes.


(2) Assists to stay mentally alert and peaceful:-


Vaping is determined to possess activating effects on the human mind. It has outlasted that people assert vapes to preserve the focus and sharpen their minds' attention abilities. Vaping also produces a sense of tranquility in the brain, which encourages people to stay calm by exacerbating circumstances and controlling tension and stress-induced by outside determinants.


While conventional cigarettes are often seen to have a calming effect on aggression, they also have detrimental effects on the individual's mental health.


(3) Addiction, what is that with e-cigarettes?


With the complete vaping method being less dangerous than smoking, e-liquids enable you to possess an extensive diversity of flavors, synthetic, and natural flavorings. You can turn to different flavors on the go without exclusively begetting to make a significant investment. Alternatives help in decreasing the amount of addiction that conventional cigarettes cause. Not that vaping doesn't drive to dependence, but it doesn't induce harmful addiction!


(4) Cigarettes over e-cigarettes - COST!


According to the NHS (National Health Service) Cost Calculator, 20 cigarettes a day, on average, costs AED 330 weekly, equating to AED 1460 a month!


The average price of an e-liquid (10ml) is within AED 15 to AED 30, based on the amount of nicotine concentration. A 10ml bottle serves approximately 2-3 days for even a chain smoker, which is about four times more cost-effective than a cigarette (conventional one)!


Now that we have come to the conclusion that a switch to e-cigarettes is a beneficial deal in all terms for smokers of conventional cigarettes, it makes sense to discuss the potential options for the e-cigarettes over conventional ones. With varied options of vapes cigarettes in Dubai, it is essential to realize the best deals and we trust that our customers won’t find better affordability at this high quality than Voom.

Convinced enough to make the switch to e-cigarettes while in Dubai, trust us and let us offer you the best to make your switch a smooth and worthy one!


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Khalifa Aljazir 2 months ago

E-cigarettes are less harmful, so I will surely pick e-cigarette.

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