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8 Facts To Know Before You Switch To E-Cigarettes In Dubai

These days we could see e-cigarettes everywhere around us - in ads, in stores, or maybe people using them. While they are known to be better alternatives to traditional smoking, they are not completely harmless. Before you start using them, it is important to know certain facts that may affect your health. While vaping is a better alternative for smokers, non-smokers should reconsider its thought for various reasons. We thought of clearing away these misconceptions for you. Therefore, before you start looking for e-cigarette in Dubai, make sure you know everything about them.


Some Important Facts About Vape Cigarettes In Dubai


1. E-Cigarettes And Heart Health


Earlier, a controversial study was reported by a journal according to which vapers have equal risks of heart diseases like smokers. However, it was withdrawn since it failed to consider that all of the vapers were also former or current smokers.


The actual effects of e-cigarettes on the heart health of vapers are now being realized and understood. According to a randomized control trial, the vascular effects on smokers who switched to vaping showed positive results. The ones who switched from smoking to vaping showed great improvements regarding their vascular health. They indicated getting close to healthy "control."


2. The US Lung Injury Outbreak


In August 2019, vapers began to be diagnosed with severe lung injuries across the US. While the cause of these injuries remained unidentified, there were around 68 deaths in a row. In this respect, the investigation led the authorities to a 'bad batch' of cannabis vaping products.


It was found that the vitamin E acetate found in the cannabis vaping products was the cause of the trouble. Eventually, nicotine vaping products were taken off the market, and tobacco cigarettes remained available to keep smokers from switching. Later, vitamin E acetate was banned from nicotine vaping products in the UK.


3. Is It Less Harmful Than Smoking?


There have been many studies to find whether e-cigarettes are a less harmful option than smoking, and it was true. It was concluded that despite not being completely safe, vaping does not involve most of the chemicals that cause smoking-related diseases. And there's limited danger from the chemicals that are used. In-depth research will surely open up some more facts about the effects of vaping on human health.


4. Is Nicotine Harmful?


Most people think that nicotine is the ultimate cause of smoking-related cancers. However, reports show that nicotine is one of the chemicals with minimal health risk. While nicotine is the reason people get addicted to smoking, various other chemicals are to be blamed for cancers and other harmful diseases.


Effects Of Nicotine Addiction On The Brain


Many studies show that animal brains could become more receptive to other drugs' effects due to nicotine. If this is true for humans, a young person using a tobacco cigarette or e-cigarette will find other drugs like cocaine to be even more rewarding. Thus, nicotine addiction could encourage addiction to other drugs. Further studies are being conducted to find more details about the fact.


5. Effective Solution To Quit Smoking


Research shows that e-cigarettes are highly effective in helping smokers quit. It was considered twice as effective as the nicotine replacement therapy that most smokers opt for. Although other studies indicate their interference to quit, a clear decision on the topic may require more studies.


7. Harms To Passive Vapers


Over the years, it has been quite clear that passive smoking could be harmful. Various laws across the world prohibit smoking in workplaces and other closed places. However, these laws don't apply to vaping cigarettes in Dubai. Organizations are free to come up with policies regarding vaping in their respective premises.


While e-cigarette liquids consist of nicotine, glycerine, or propylene glycol, and flavoring, they do not release any side-stream vapor into the atmosphere except aerosol. Moreover, experts are yet to know how aerosol affects human health.


8. Vaping For Teens


Almost all adult smokers started smoking tobacco cigarettes before they turned 18. Smoking in teenagers can make the teenagers susceptible to the addictive effects of nicotine and other chemicals, which can affect their brains that are still developing. It's hard to get over one's addiction to nicotine. While teens smoking tobacco cigarettes, and e-cigarettes in Dubai have some common links, studies are important to know the entire truth.


Summing Up


The use of vape cigarettes in Dubai is increasing continuously. While it's a less harmful alternative to conventional smoking, it's not completely safe. It would be smart to consider the peculiarities before you befriend e-cigarettes. Although there are potential benefits to current smokers, research is yet not complete. Until suitable policies are reinforced regarding the use of e-cigarettes, make sure you collect all the necessary information before you start vaping.



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